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Bloggers, SEO'ers, Writers, Advertisers
& Product Creators

Over One Million Articles
PLUS 5000 Stock Photos & 500 Music Tracks
Never Be Stuck For Content Again!

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Why Is This Package Perfect For You?

  • Every Online Business Needs More Content
  • Never Pay For Images, Articles or Music Again
  • Save 100's Of Hours Finding Royalty Free Content
  • Convert To Squeeze Pages, Lead Magnets and eBooks
  • More Content = More Traffic = More Money!

Every internet marketer needs content. You already know that content is king. Google has changed it's algorithms many times but one thing that never changes is that great content always wins.

If you are an internet marketer, and advertiser, a product creator, an affiliate marketer or even a small local business, then you need content. You need more content. You need as much content as you can muster.

Generally creating content is costly, time consuming and you simply run out of ideas.

What If you had complete access to over one million (Yep you read that right 1,000,000) articles on just about every subject under the sun.

Over One Million Articles?
What If I threw in 5000 Royalty Free Stock Photos
and 500 Music Tracks?
Would that make your life easier?

Imagine What It's Like
To Own Your Own Content Vault

I probaly don't even need to tell you of the huge advantages you have with access to almost unlimited content. So I'm not going to waste your time by making you read through reams of benefits you get.

How About I just Tell You Exactly What You Get
In The PLR Content Pack?

Here It Is! Meet....

"The PLR Content Pack"

The PLR Content Pack Is Like A Discount Card For Internet Marketers

...Every Time You Write A Post Or An Article You Save Money.
...Every Time You Add An Image To Your Blog Post Or Short Report You Save Money.
...Every Time You Add A Music Track To Your Videos You Save Money.

Here's The Skinny On Your PLR CONTENT PACK In Detail.

Module 1 Over One Million PLR Articles

VALUE: $Priceless

Over 1,000,000 articles gives almost unlimited content.

The articles cover every subject and niche you can imagine. All in hot and in-demand topics. With over 2000 main and sub-categories this is truly the ultimate content pack.

What Can I Use Them For?

Firstly these are full PLR (Private Label Rights) so you can do pretty much whatever you want.

  • You can use it as is..
  • You Can Spin It To make It Unique
  • You Can Rewrite It To Make it Truly Yours
  • Or Just Use It To Give You some Great Topic Ideas

You Can Use Them To..

  • Create eBooks
  • Create Reports
  • Create eCourses For Email Sequences
  • Create Training Guide PDFs
  • Convert To Audio
  • Covert to Video (hugely profitable)
  • Turn Into Presentations (PowerPoint)

I can't repeat this enough but everyone needs content and lots of it.

With One Million PLR Articles you are limited
only by your own imagination

Module 2 5000 Royalty Free Stock Photos

VALUE: $7495 (@$1.50 per image)

Over 5000 Royalty Free Stock Photos & Images.

Every internet marketer needs stock photos and images. Usng images without knowing their licence can be very costly indeed. Keep using copyright photos and you will get caught!

You can use these stock images for a whole raft of things. Use them yourself or even use them to serve your clients.

This is a massive collection of stock photos in 11 major categories.

Some of the major categories are:

Food and Drink
Miscellaneous Objects
Travel and Nature

Never struggle to find the right royalty free images again. Stay safe and stay legit!

5000 Stock Photos & Images
is a huge collection to own!

Module 3 500 Royalty Free Music Tracks

VALUE: $2495 (@$5 per track)

Over 500 Royalty Free Music Tracks.

Warning:Royalty free music can be extraordinarily expensive and free or cheap tracks often have limitations. Such as NOT being able to use them for commercial use or requiring you to give them a link back to their website. Things that are just NOT what internet marketers need.

So with these MUSIC TRACKS you have full commercial use and no link-back requirements.

Almost every video can be enhanced with the right music track. In fact a great music track can make a poor video look great.

You can use these great music tracks for:

Television And Film
Website Design
Video Gaming
Corporate Videos
Movie Maker
Background Music
Music Loops
Production Music
Stock Music
Royalty Free Music

Never struggle to find the right royalty free music again. Stay safe and stay legit!

500 Music Tracks To Call Your Own!

Total Real World Value: $9,990

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Still Wondering What To Do With Your PLR Content Pack?
How About These For Ideas...

  • Put together 5 related articles into an e-course. Offer for free to get subscribers. Send out daily to your subscribers along with a paid, related affiliate offer.
  • Put together a number of related articles to create a short report. Ideal as a lead magnet to get new subscribers or engage existing subscribers.
  • Put together a number of articles and create an entire e-book on a particular subject.
  • Use an free application like Audacity and record the articles as mp3 audios for podcasts
  • Create a Powerpoint presentation from an article to create a video with voice over.
  • Create a series of presentations on one subject and sell as PLR videos (very profitable). Create in any and all niches. This alone could build an entire business.
  • Add stock photos and a music track to your video presentations to make them look and sound extra professional. This keeps your site visitors longer and makes Google much happier.
  • Replace your old 'suspect' images with these royalty free 'legit' images and protect your sites from future copyright issues.
  • Add images to new blog posts to make them more engaging, easier to read and eye grabbing.
  • Use the articles as 'new' ideas for future, projects (posts, articles, products, courses etc.)
  • Rewrite articles in your own hand to make them genuinely yours. These are then suitable for directory submission and further distribution. (Add to your own blogs first).
  • Create and flip new blogs on Flippa with this content and Photos.
  • Create PLR blogs with the same content. Sell individually or in batches. Say 5 niche packs. Easy create using a Wordpress 'template' blog.
  • And So Much More... You Are Only Limited By Your Imagination
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Right Here, Right Now
You Have To Choose!

First Choice Do Nothing (Don't Purchase The PLR Content Pack)

That means everytime you need new a new post or article you will need to spend hours writing or tens of dollar getting it written for you.

Everytime you need a great picture for your ebooks, posts or reports you run the risk of copyright infingement or will be paying through the nose to purchase from a reliable stock site.

When you need royalty free music for your videos it will have to dip into the coffers

All this means that nothing will change for you. you will still be wasting loads of time and money and have the ever constant worry of some image company coming after you for back royalties and huge 'fines'. All this reduces your profitability and your productivity and can even stop you from making any money at all.

Second Choice Take Action (Grab The PLR Content Pack Now!)

You will get enough content to last a lifetime. 1 Million articles, 5000 Photos and 500 music tracks. All royalty free!

You won't waste your time writing articles from scratch or having to pay someone to write them for you.

You wont need to spend hours searching for the right image for your content. You wont have to worry about copyright infringemnts.

You could even replace all your (maybe not fully legit?) blog images with great new photos and future proof your web site.

Choosing a great music track for your videos will take no time at all and cost you nothing.

Increase productivity, incresae ROI and profits and Decrease Risk

How About A Final Bonus?

I Want To Make This Package The Best I Can
So I'm Going To Include Some Great Bonuses

Grab this PLR Content Pack Right Now And get these three Special Bonuses

Special BONUS 1

Cartoon Character Pack

A set of very cool characters with thousands of uses

100% Free If You Buy Today

Special BONUS 2

Marketing Graphics Pack

A set of marketing graphics. Includes backgrounds, transparencies, money-back and large selection of arrows (ideal for Squeeze pages)

100% Free If You Buy Today

Special BONUS 3

Logo Template Pack

A set of logo PSD templates. Edit in Photoshop or Gimp (free version)

100% Free If You Buy Today

All This For Just One Crazy Low Payment Of

PLR Content Pack[]

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If You Purchase Today

Remember this is a PLR product and most PLR sellers just don't offer a money back guarantee..guarantee

BUT.. I'm not most sellers. I understand that you want to buy with confidence, that you want to buy COMPLETELY RISK FREE!

So that is why I am offering my personal, no questions asked, 30 day money back guarantee. Just let me know at the support desk or by email and I will promptly refund your purchase.

Looks Great, You'd Have To Be Crazy To Miss Out On This One!

YES! I Want Instant Access Now!

Heres What You Get Today

  • Module 1: Over 1,000,000 PLR Articles - Value $Priceless
  • Module 2: Over 5000 Royalty Free Stock Photos - Value $7495
  • Module 3: Over 500 Royalty Free Music Tracks - Value $2495

PLUS.. Your Special Bonuses

  • Special Bonus 1: Character Pack
  • Special Bonus 2: Marketing Graphics Pack
  • Special Bonus 3: Logo Templates Pack

A Total Value Of WAY over : $9,990

Yours Today For Only $97.00

PLR Content Pack[]

1. Articles - Full PLR - You may use or resell as you like.
2. Images - PLR - You may use as you like. You may resell content or items created from the images. You cannot resell the images directly.
3. Music tracks - PLR - You may use as you like. You may resell content or items created from the audios. You cannot resell the music tracks directly.

Looking Forward To Your Success - Tony Marriott.

P.S. Grab this offer right now before it is gone. It is never going to be at a lower price than it is today